G’day. My name’s Colin Marsh. I’m Founder of Drake Scoreboards, an Australian-owned and Victorian-based scoreboard development company.

I’ve been a bowls player for over 15 years. After seeing too many main scoreboard errors and the frustration that this causes players and spectators – especially when it comes to finals – I’ve spent the last few years developing an improved scoreboard system.

My solution to scoreboard errors is a digital, wireless remote controlled scoreboard. It’s electronic and easy to use – with a ‘real time’ link to the main board. Adjust the rink scores at the press of a button and see the main board reflect that change at the same time!

Interested in a live demonstration, or maybe you’d just like some more information? Contact me to explore how the Drake Scoreboards system can help your bowls club!



This system will be available for purchase soon.


Real-time main board

Display custom messages

For example, promote your Club sponsors & supporters.

Easy to see

Bright & multi-coloured.

Remote controlled

Two power options

Battery operation
or mains power.


Real-time link
to main board

Display custom messages
e.g. promote sponsors

Easy to see, bright
& multi-coloured


Battery operated
or mains powered

Remote controlled

Interested in how Drake Scoreboards
can help your bowls club?

Request a live in-person demonstration!

Available for purchase soon.

Call or text: 0423 882 809